OUR Exhibition is Nov 3rd Sunday at United Wireless!! show starts at 5 ..... any local area HS teams that would like to perform contact us. All college coaches here is a great chance to meet some wonderful cheerleaders !


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icon05/20/2019 - 2019-2020 CHEER TEAMS



 Princess Cut (Mini Prep)

Sapphires (Mini)

  1. Ava Schaffer
  2. Berkley Waters
  3. Brielle Tuxhorn
  4. Brooklyn Schaffer
  5. Carly Odell
  6. Destiny Montes
  7. Elyott Phillips
  8. Hollyn Downey
  9. Kortley Cook
  10. Molly Mcphail
  11. Paisley Vigil
  12. Zoe Dohrman
  13. Bella Colburn
  14. Jessandra Martinez

Black Diamonds (Junior 2)

  1. Alyssa Bogner
  2. Baily Bradford
  3. Blair Bradford
  4. Britney Ridger
  5. Bostyn Schuette
  6. Camdyn Cunningham
  7. Hayden Downey
  8. Italia Contreras
  9. Jasmin Sandoval
  10. Jenna Smit
  11. Kashlee Grigsby
  12. Kiana Tasaka
  13. Kortnie Esplund
  14. Madilyn Blair
  15. Mckenzie McMclure
  16. Skylar Courtney
  17. Zoe Waters
  18. TBA

 Senior Royalty 3

  1. Beth Bouzidan
  2. Eden Bouzidan
  3. Braelynn Cunningham
  4. Camdyn Cunninngham
  5. Madi Habiger
  6. Lexas Koehn
  7. Julia Mead
  8. Michaela Mink
  9. Leslie Paredes
  10. Jahim Ross
  11. Paige Sions
  12. Suede Soza
  13. Emalea Warden
  14. Abby Weber 
  15. TBA
  16. TBA

icon05/15/2019 - Fundraiser

Coming in Nov just in time for Thanksgiving is our pie fundraiser, We sell in Oct !

***You can start on your sponsors ASAP  forms available on here! 

icon05/14/2018 - 2019-2020 Dance Team


Braelynn Cunninham, Alyssa Weber, Makenzie Walker


 Jayla Walker, Mya Weber, Chelsie Z, Italia C., abby Weber, Camdyn Cunningham, Mila Weber 


Kennedy, Jayma ,

icon05/01/2014 - Member Registration

Please register for the members' side of the website.  All you have to do is create a username and enter the password given to you by one of the coaches.  After you register, you will have access to the entire site!  Please understand that for your bill you will need to sign up under I class pro parent portal !